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Call for Applications

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The Queens College Libraries and Center for Teaching and Learning welcome applications to the Open Educational Resources Faculty Fellowship, now in its third year.

Apply by December 1. Applications received earlier will be prioritized.


Before the pandemic, 42% of CUNY students reported household incomes under than $20,000, yet CUNY students can expect to spend an average of $1,364 on textbooks annually. Queens College students report maxing out multiple credit cards, choosing between textbooks and other necessities like transportation or vet bills, or trying to complete coursework without the book. Since the onset of COVID-19, the financial situation for our students has only become more urgent: A survey of CUNY students in mid-April 2020 found that 37.7% of students reported being laid off due to COVID-19, and essential and front line workers make up half of the students still employed.

You can help.

Faculty Fellows help Queens College students succeed by reducing the financial burden of high-cost textbooks and generating high-quality alternatives that are up-to-date, accessible, innovative, and pedagogically responsible.

The Queens College Libraries and the Center for Teaching and Learning will help fellows find, create, evaluate, and implement zero-cost and/or open materials for a course that will run in Spring or Fall 2022.

For more information about how open educational resources help our students, visit https://qc-cuny.libguides.com/oer-ztc

Fellowship Requirements

Both full-time and part-time faculty are eligible for the fellowship. Applicants are expected to clear their participation with their department chair prior to applying. If you are interested in converting a course with multiple sections from a pricey textbook to a free, open alternative, please contact Leila Walker at lwalker@qc.cuny.edu prior to applying, as an alternative arrangement involving multiple instructors and course leads may be more appropriate than an individual fellowship.

Faculty fellows commit to:

  • Actively participate in an OER fellowship seminar in Spring 2022, which will consist of four units with synchronous and asynchronous elements
  • Develop a fully OER or ZTC course (materials due June 6, 2022)
  • Teach at least one section of the OER or ZTC course in Spring or Fall 2022
  • Submit course materials to our institutional repository, CUNY Academic Works.
  • Write a brief (200-500 word) end-of-fellowship narrative (due June 6, 2022)


Fellows will receive $2,000 in recognition of their labor.

Smaller amounts are available to support faculty adopting courses created through the fellowship, or to recognize the labor of student or faculty partners, on a case-by-case basis.

Apply today!

Questions? Contact Leila Walker at lwalker@qc.cuny.edu.


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